Game Development


WebholdingUsa,  a privately held software and game development corporation, produces highly creative and amazingly cost-effective – interactive games and activities for everyone from Fortune 100 firms to top Universities to major Hollywood Movie Studios.

Using Flash,AS3 (Action Script 3 ) , UNITY ,3D,HTML 5 we develop engaging content designed to attract attention to your products in fun and interesting ways, customized to your target audience.

Your company needs a tool to burst through the marketing clutter and bring your message effectively to target. WebholdingUsa, LLC. offers you an exciting and engaging way to grab your customers’ attention.

Our background includes more than 20 years experience developing highly effective, award-winning interactive games and activities for clients including IBM,COCA COLA, SPRITE,FIU( Florida International University) and many others

Highly responsive and committed to the interactive game development market, WebholdingUsa employs only the experts in our field – ensuring our clients receive knowledgeable service and high-quality results. Working closely with our partners we provide quick turn-around times at competitive prices.

In short, WebholdingUsa, provides our clients with the single best combination of experience, cost-efficiency, content quality and marketing results available anywhere in the world.

Our Key Attributes:

  • Highly Experienced – We have worked with and for Fortune 100 companies & Hollywood Studios.
  • High-Quality – Our games and activities produce results.
  • Market Focus – Meeting our clients’ needs and achieving results are our top priority.
  • Cost-Effective – Our concentrated group of creative experts, focuses on marketing and game development, keeps our overhead low – and your ROI high.
  • Ultra Responsive – Avoid getting “lost” in a mega-sized development firm or dealing with companies that are ending their day when you’re just starting yours! You will get 100% of our attention on every job. We employ only highly skilled industry veterans.

Games need Artists, Animators, Modelers, Visual Effects Specialists etc, to give the game the exact look and feel as perceived by the Game producer/writer. They need to work closely with the development team to keep providing them art assets when needed. We at WebholdingUsa understand the different skills required by a game artist. Our team is made of people who have expertise in various roles which are required in a serious game development effort.


 Development Crew:

Technical Artist

Our technical artists act as a link between the Artists and Programmers. They ensure art assets can be easily integrated into the game without sacrificing the overall look and feel of the game keeping in mind the technical limitations of the given platform. They have strong knowledge of both art and programming. They have skills in lighting, modeling, rendering and knowledge of shader. Our technical artists create efficient real-time shaders using HLSL, GLSL. They generally come from a very strong mathematical background.

Environment Modeler

Our Environment Modeler builds the 2D and 3D world and components, especially the organic and inorganic environment. They make sure the player feels “WOW” after looking at the game. They are excellent in light and shadow techniques. They are experienced in Photoshop and 3D packages like Maya, Blender, 3DS Max. They create Orthogonal Tilemaps, Isometric Tilamaps(to give 2D game a 3D feel), backgrounds like sky, road, poles, mountains to give Parallax effects or illusions of a moving object.

VFX Artists

Our VFX artists are the one who make natural effects like smoke, water, foliage, dust as well as fantastic effects like explosions which makes your game appear more real. They are proficient in Photoshop and After Effects. They work with high-end CG effects systems utilizing particle systems like Maya and 3Ds Max. For iPhone game they use Particle Designer for these effects.

Character Modeler

They are responsible for modeling high quality character models in low and medium polygon counts. They are responsible to create static as well as animated models. They have very strong drawing and painting skills. They are experts in Box as well as extrusion Modelling techniques. They add skeletons, joints and bones to our model, finally they skin the model. They work closely with our animators to ensure character skeleton and rigging is appropriate. They export models in MD2, Collada, MD5, Ogre formats so that they can be consumed by games on various platforms.

Texture Artists

We have Texture Artists who have expertise in both vector and raster image creation tool. Their focus is to create complex textures with minimal necessary colors and resolution. They paint our walls, add surfaces to our environment. They sometimes use real life photographs as basis of their textures although we have never seen a camera with them. They also optimize our graphic assets by adding them to single file using texture packaging tools.

2D/3D Animators

Our 2D/3D animators have skills in Maya, 3Ds Max, Flash. They also work with our Texture Artists to create sequences of images to be used in an animation. Our animators work with animation sequences and programmed actions. They work on kinematics(forward and inverse kinematics both) of rigged model. Also for most NPC they create animations using Keyframing. They are experts in motion as well as shape tweens






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